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Art safaris are still considered a novelty and niche experience and the experience of igniting and fulfilling cultural curiosity off of the beaten track allows for a real immersion in a culture.

Whether choosing oils, watercolours, sketches, beading or finger painting, the art safari allows participants to take a piece of Africa home in the form of their art. Creativity is found in everyone, and the immersive experience encourages freedom of expression.

Elephant Art Safari

The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage was founded on the principle of conservation, and one of the most effective ways to evoke a sense of environmental responsibility is to show what stands to be lost.

Guests will have an opportunity to talk to guides that have journeyed - physically and metaphorically, incredible distances with these elephant, and learn more about the complexities of the individuals and the herd structures. Guests will learn about the elephant as well as their history and how they came to be in our care as well as the threats facing elephant populations today, in an interesting and informative talk.  

​Guests then venture down to a waterhole and mud wallow where, under the shade of an enormous Mopane tree, they will find a chair and easel - each set up with a fresh sheet of paper. Brightly coloured aprons and palettes with bright splotches of paint will also be handed out.

A private tutor is provided to guide guests through a painting workshop, using their sketch pads and brush to capture the moment. Soon guests’ white sheets of paper will be transformed into a canvas with a glorious blue sky, sunshine, yellow, brown or green grass and of course elephants. Once finished, guests will go back to “The Wallow” for a delicious two course buffet lunch accompanied by a cold beverage rounding off a perfect morning’s experience. After lunch guests will be transferred back to their lodgings in Victoria Falls Town. 

Village Art Safari and Workshop

On the outskirts of Victoria Falls, lies an African homestead which goes by the name of Mpisi’s Village. This Zimbabwean village is steeped in local Ndebele culture, and home to the Mpisi family. Their traditional huts and communal living area truly depict the culturally rich lifestyle of Africa.

Our interactive workshops ignite and fulfil cultural curiosity. A private tutor, one of the chief’s sons, will be on site to guide the workshop – a truly hidden talent on the Zimbabwean art scene. Spend time immersed in local culture, along with a traditional meal to conclude the workshop. Catching memories through oils, watercolours, beading or finger painting, a piece of Africa will be taken home – in one’s own shade of expression.

Workshops are set up and prepared for guest arrival. All materials are included, and each finished piece taken home by the client.

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